5 Reasons Spring Is the Best Season, Ranked
Photo illustration: Save As/Medium. Source: Getty Images.

5 Reasons Spring Is the Best Season, Ranked

Get thee behind us, winter

Photo illustration: Save As/Medium. Source: Getty Images.

5. The NCAA tournament

Spring kicks off with the most exhilarating stretch in all of college sports: March Madness. For a couple of weeks, all that matters to hoops fans is obsessing over their 64-team brackets, watching multiple games at once on elaborate screen setups, worshipping Duke (or praying on their demise), and winning their office pool. Future knows what’s up.

4. It’s graduation SZN

Someone you know will be walking the stage, swinging their tassel to the side, and throwing a pointy-ass cap in the air. Kanye knows what’s up (kinda).

3. The holidays are untouchable

Spring may not be able to claim the blockbuster holidays of Q4, but quiet as kept, ‘tis the season with the strongest per capita lineup. Peep the roster: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Siblings Day, Easter, Passover, Cinco de Mayo, goofy-ass April Fools’ Day, Memorial Day aka the year’s greatest three-day weekend, and of course, Star Wars Day. Damn near 90 consecutive days circled on your calendar.

2. Winter is officially over

Might as well go ahead and burn all the cable-knit sweaters, scarves, boots, and mittens you never got to wear this winter. Throw your damn snow shovel and ice scraper in there while you’re at it. Rejoice in the warmth of your raging bonfire — the undisputed worst season of the year has come to an end!

1. It’s symbolic

Springtime is the official season of hope. With every passing day, the temperature rises, sunlight lasts longer, flowers bloom, trees stop looking naked and sad. Yes, we’re collectively speeding toward an imminent doom of our own making, but you’ve gotta love a time of year where, just for a few months, things are starting to look up.

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