5 Tattoos Celebrities Probably Should Have Thought Twice About, Ranked
Photo: Jean-Paul Aussenard/Getty Images

5 Tattoos Celebrities Probably Should Have Thought Twice About, Ranked

So much for invisible ink

5. The Game celebrates his inner lepidopterist

When Jayceon Taylor parted ways with G-Unit 15 years ago, he sought to turn a negative into a positive by decorating his cheek with a tiny little butterfly — a creature immortalized in ink by such other hardcore rappers as Mariah Carey, Brandy Norwood, and Drew Barrymore. He ultimately covered it up six years later, but it, like so many other poor decisions, had already become the stuff of indelible legend.

4. The kids on Amber Rose’s face

Good news: Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife has found happiness with her current husband, Alexander Edwards. Bad news: She had the nicknames of her two sons tattooed on her forehead. Worse news: In cursive. Worst news: In, like, 68-point type. You know what’s not going to age well? A forehead that says SLASH BASH.

3. T-Pain 👍🏼s Facebook

The king of Auto-Tune has no shortage of cringe inked on his body, from the Jackie Chan on the back of his hand to the tattoo on his neck that just reads “TATTOO.” But nothing matches the monstrosity on his right bicep: the phrase “YOU DON’T HAVE TO [LIKE] ME,” but with a Facebook thumbs-up and the word “like” written in a font we can only think is called Two-Way Pager Sans. A classic decision ternt regret.

2. King Crooked gets the H out

Back when he was still part of Slaughterhouse with Joe Budden, Royce, and Joell Ortiz, Crooked I got the rap supergroup’s name tatted on his forearm. Well, mostly. What he really got was “SLAUGTERHOUSE,” which sounds like either an obscure German sausage or the sound your Tims make when a White friend drags you to a muddy farm to gather free-range boysenberries or some shit. He managed to scrub his (initially) proud photo from the websites that gleefully posted it in 2009, but unlike his tattoo artist’s relationship with spelling, the internet never forgets.

1. Tekash 6ix9ine’s un4tunate lack of judgment

You want to tattoo giant 69s all over your body, that’s your choice. Edgy! But when you put one of them on your forehead, big enough to overshadow all the other stuff on your face (the Jigsaw Killer? Really?), we’re guessing “how I look during canasta night in the retirement home” isn’t much of a concern.

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