5 Things That Are Actually Fraud, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

5 Things That Are Actually Fraud, Ranked

It ain’t these mail-in ballots, that’s for sure

5. That “blessing loom” your auntie keeps asking you to join

It’s not a pyramid scheme — just a financial “opportunity” that requires you to pay an entry fee and recruit some friends to do the same so that you can all exponentially grow your money over and over and over. Nothing suspicious here.

4. Flat-tummy tea

We’ve all seen an Instagram influencer touting the wonders of this miracle weight-loss solution that requires no actual physical exercise. Just add water! (Spoiler: You won’t lose your midsection, but you will literally lose your shit after drinking this stuff.)

3. Miss Cleo

The only thing more fraudulent than her psychic readings was the phony patois she’d speak on television infomercials. That’s what me thought!

2. Donald Trump’s tan

Unless this guy has been lapping the sun on Air Force One, the only plausible explanation for his personal shade of apricot is regularly dispersed in a heavy mist.

1. Fyre Festival

One of the greatest scams of the social media influencer generation was also one of the most epic fails. Where’s Ja?!

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