6 Card Games Every Black Person Damn Well Better Know How to Play, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Hannah Yelverton/Getty Images

6 Card Games Every Black Person Damn Well Better Know How to Play, Ranked

Deal or no deal?

6. Go Fish

This is, like, one of the first games you learn. If you don’t know this one, we’re sincerely sorry that you were robbed of your childhood.

5. Solitaire

This loner classic moves up three slots on this list if you were an only child. How the hell else did you entertain yourself?

4. Tonk

If there’s gonna be some Earth, Wind & Fire playing at the kickback, best believe there will also be a table set up for Tonk. (This especially applies to Southern functions.) If you’ve never at least heard of this one, we’re sorry to inform you that in the words of our next president: “You ain’t Black!”

3. Gin (Rummy)

Want to play with an old head? You better have some gin in your hand — and in your system. This is for real ones only. Take your ass to the kiddie table if you’re unfamiliar (see: number six above).

2. Uno

Knowing how to play Uno is subjective because apparently none of us know how to play the damn game. Everyone has their own variation of the rules — many of which have been, ahem, addressed by the game’s official Twitter account — but you should certainly know the baseline gameplay. Just make sure you square away the house rules once you start; no one wants a knife fight to break out all because someone tried to stack a draw two on a draw four.

1. Spades

Along with bid whist, this is the quintessential game of Black get-togethers (that you probably shouldn’t be having right now). The strength of your family has never been tested unless a set of reneging-ass relatives have tried to get over on each other, underbidding and all kinds of nonsense. Don’t get stuck!

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