6 Dog Breeds White People Love More Than They Do Black People, Ranked
Photo illustration. Source: Barbara Brady-Smith/Getty Images

6 Dog Breeds White People Love More Than They Do Black People, Ranked

Everyone loves dogs — but some folks need to get their priorities straight

6. German Shepherd

If you lived through the Civil Rights era — or you’ve seen the stark black-and-white photography — you should know that these dogs are henchmen for racists. Hell, Hitler loved a German Shepherd, and the Nazis followed suit. Canine opps for a century and going strong.

5. Boston Terrier

Never mind the city for which the breed is named. This type of dog was dubbed the “The American Gentleman” in the 19th century — back when some White folks literally called Black people “dogs.” Hmmm…

4. Pug

Tupac Amaru Shakur didn’t die for some guy named Chadley to show off an ironic “pug life” tattoo on his bicep. Or for Madison to create an Etsy store that sells “pug shot” baby tees. [Rolls eyes.] [Checks shipping on Etsy order.]

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are the smiley, prototypical American family dog, word to Lassie. But so are pit bulls — they just don’t remind people of the precious metals they’ll never own or the yacht clubs they’ll never get an invitation to.

2. Corgi

Sure, no dog can twerk quite like a Corgi. And the waddle is adorable. But the breed’s massive popularity surge over the last decade feels like a Tumblr scheme.

1. Any toy breed that could fit inside a handbag

Except Chihuahuas. Because racism.

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