6 People Who Should Succeed Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!’, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: NBC/Getty Images

6 People Who Should Succeed Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!’, Ranked

We’ll take ‘Get That Game Show Host Money’ for $1,000, please!

6. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Yes, the famed astrophysicist is a pedantic know-it-all. But quiet as kept, so was Alex Trebek. Go back and watch: There was nothing he loved more than telling people why they were wrong. Between that and NDT’s early-Trebek mustache, they’re damn near A-Alikes. Let the man cook!

5. Gucci Mane

No one’s had a post-prison glow-up like Radric — and if his journey from trap god to rap elder to relationship guru doesn’t feel complete, that’s because it isn’t. What better way to celebrate his forties than becoming the global ambassador for nerd-ass shit?

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4. That Guy in the Barbershop Who Gets Everything Almost Right

He’s up on things — mostly. Like, he’ll break down physics by explaining that an atom is made up of electrons and Pro Tools. And he’s got more than a few conspiracy theories in his pocket. But goddamn if the dude doesn’t already act like he’s got all the answers.

3. Rosie Perez

Ready to feel old? It’s been 28 years since the original Fly Girl stole White Men Can’t Jump as Gloria, the self-taught Jeopardy! savant. Don’t lie: You could listen to her say “what is a quince?” all day.

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2. LeVar Burton

Reading Rainbow. The beloved Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. A dancing detective in the video for Cameo’s classic “Word Up.” In other words, homie’s nerd pedigree is impeccable — in fact, he’d be the undeniable top choice in a world where the next guy didn’t exist.

1. Kenan Thompson

Not only has the consummate comedy professional anchored Saturday Night Live for 17 years, but as host Darnell Hayes on the recurring sketch “Black Jeopardy,” he proved that he’s got exactly what it takes to do the same for a real-ass game show. Besides, it’s about damn time we add some trap drums to the theme music and get categories like “Fid’na” and “Aw Hell Naw.”

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