6 Reasons Winter Is Trash, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Yuri Smityuk/Getty Images

6 Reasons Winter Is Trash, Ranked

It’s the most garbageful time of the year!

6. Reruns all over TV

This year might be different, with some legit A+ streaming arrivals on Christmas Day, but traditionally, the holiday stretch has been a time of few new TV episodes and lots of repeats of old holiday staples. No disrespect to The Boondocks classic “A Huey Freeman Christmas,” but the lack of new programming has always made the start of winter drag longer than it has to.

5. Daylight saving time

We’re not farmers (bum ba dum bum bum bum bum). Stop this madness.

4. Bad songs

For every “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” there’s a “Wonderful Christmastime.” Case closed.

3. Driving in snow / ice / wintry mix

For anyone not behind the wheel of a snowplow, driving in snow or sleet or the remorseless terror that is a “wintry mix” is a slip-sliding affair that humans, by this point in history, should have much more control over.

2. Seasonal affective disorder

So widespread and such a bummer that even its acronym is SAD.

1. It’s so damn cold

Maybe you live in mild climes, but for anyone who has to set foot outside anywhere north of, say, Kentucky, winter is the ball-freezingest, windshield-icingest, red-swollen-nosiest time of the year. Plus frostbite is no joke — just ask your body.

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