7 ‘Power’ Characters We’d Most Like to Come Back From the Dead (Because Why Not?), Ranked
Photo illustration. Source: Starz

7 ‘Power’ Characters We’d Most Like to Come Back From the Dead (Because Why Not?), Ranked

The Starz crime drama already pushes the boundaries of believability. So there’s no harm in reviving a few of the fallen soldiers, right?

7. Terry Silver

This by-the-books attorney — and Tasha’s romantic rebound — just got lost in the sauce. Haven’t we all been there one time or another? Ghost ain’t have to do him like a N.O.R.E. song, though.

6. Vincent Ragni

So to be real, we didn’t really rock with dude like that. But he did give Tariq the long-overdue whooping that he deserved, going full fruit ninja with a bag of oranges. Some might say the kid was [puts on shades] beat to a pulp. That alone is enough to warrant this Italian mobster a 1-Up. Let him get one of those white-and-green Mario mushrooms, a senzu bean, something. He earned it.

5. Shawn Stark and LaKeisha Grant (tie)

Kanan’s son Shawn wanted to be a tough guy more than anything — ditto for LaKeisha — but he never expected to get smoked by his own pops before his criminal career even got off the ground. He was basically a glorified Uber driver. A thug intern, getting his feet wet, learning about the industry, deciding on a major. His credits ain’t even transfer over yet. Get that man another shot, ideally one that doesn’t end up in his forehead. (Again, ditto for LaKeisha.)

3. Raina St. Patrick

The death of Ghost and Tasha’s daughter was the moment Power lost its last shred of innocence — and left us stuck with punk-ass Tariq as the principal St. Patrick spawn. We beg of you, Starz: Bring innocence back to Power. And someone to talk some damn sense into that knucklehead.

2. Felipe Lobos

The Mexican drug kingpin’s ruthlessness was only matched by his impeccable comic timing — most memorable by the way he’d flirt with his enemies. Let’s give Ghost’s greatest street rival another go at it.

1. Kanan Stark

Now this is a revival that viewers would actually buy. 50 Cent’s fictional character has already survived the most treacherous shootouts and walked out of a burning building on some Terminator shit, looking more like cajun than Kanan. Let’s turn the heat up once again, excavate Kanan’s crispy-ass corpse, and give Power Book II the chaotic zombie energy we need!

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