8 Terms From 2020 That Need to Disappear, Ranked

8 Terms From 2020 That Need to Disappear, Ranked

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented neologisms, but it’s time to cut these off

8. “Doomscrolling”

As if we need a term for diving into the execrable trash fire that is 2020. We can just swipe this one the hell out of here.

7. “Virtual happy hour”

Let’s please not drag this shit into 2021. If there’s no bartender shelling out discount margaritas in an actual venue, count us out.

6. “Performative allyship”

The perfect short-shelf-life jargon for this year’s reckoning with racism. “Not really about that life” has always summed it up just fine for us.

5. “Read the room”

Sure, some of the folks on the receiving end of this phrase are embarrassingly lacking in self- and social awareness. But it’s time to read the room — and put this cliché to rest.

4. “The new normal”

The early days of masking up and quarantining were odd, but these three words spread almost as swiftly as Covid-19. Hopefully both disappear sooner than later.

3. “In these trying/uncertain/unprecedented/difficult/tough times”

Honestly, just wake us up when “the new normal” refers to starting an email without this boilerplate pleasantry.

2. “Love and light”

After all these years, those crazy kids “thoughts and prayers” hooked up and popped out this set of twins — who manage to be just as empty and superficial as their parents.

1. “Racially charged”

We’re pretty sure you meant to say “racist.” Stop tap dancing and just call a thing a thing.

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