7 Things You Should Actually Buy on Amazon Prime Day, Ranked
Photo: ANIRUDH / Unsplash

7 Things You Should Actually Buy on Amazon Prime Day, Ranked

It's not ALL junk and shady deals

Amazon Prime Day isn't just one day—it's not even once a year anymore. As of 2023, these two-day sales now hit biannually, the next of which lands from Oct. 10-11.

Last time, in July, we told you about the useless stuff you should steer clear from when these e-retail bonanzas happen. But lest you think we're Boots Riley-level anti-capitalist, there are some things you might actually consider purchasing on the Day of Prime (that is, if you're a member).

7. A Stand-Up Paddleboard

OK, fine. We lied last time. We actually bought one and it was pretty awesome at half the usual price.

6. Amazon's Extra Subscription Services

If you're not picky about Tidal vs. Spotify and are fine with Amazon Music, you can get four months free and then decide if you want to cancel. 

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5. Batteries

Amazon sells a surprising number of its AmazonBasics alkaline and recharchargables at a huge discount. Are they better than Duracell? No. Are they good enough for most needs, like remote controls and toys? Yessir!

4. Phone Chargers and Cables

We like Anker chargers and cables (USB-C FOREVAH!); those and others are usually deeply discounted on Prime Day events.

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3. Amazon Hardware

Echo speakers, Kindle e-readers, Fire TV sticks and boxes, cheap-ass tablets your kids can break, Blink mini security cameras: All these are well under $40—hell sometimes under $20—on Prime Days.

2. A Dual-Color Hoodie Pantsuit for Your Lady

Specifically the one recommended by New York Magazine. She'll either think you're fashion forward or dump your ass.

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1. A Bidet for Your Dirty Butt

Apparently, the Tushy brand of ass-cleaning bidet products was a big seller last Prime Day. If you're not a bidet owner, allow fresh water to be the gamechanger for your swampy undercarriage.