The 7 Most Useless Amazon Prime Day Products You'll Buy and Never Use, Ranked
Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

The 7 Most Useless Amazon Prime Day Products You'll Buy and Never Use, Ranked

But it was such a good deal!

Everybody likes to get a super discount, but is it really saving money if you buy things you won't ever use? Amazon's annual Prime Day is the best time to invest in clutter. Here's what you'll inevitably buy (and permanently stash in a closet or drawer before long).

7. A Stand-up Paddleboard

Great exercise and so cheap on Amazon for an inflatable "SUP!" But then you figure out that there are three things you hate about it: You have to stand, you have to paddle, and you have to inflate the damn thing. And yelling to people, "'Sup!" as you float past them gets old really fast. Just jump in some water and flap your limbs around to save yourself $300.

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6. A Set of Really Sharp Knives

You need like two or three really good knives—not 16 of them. Even Carm, the genius chef from The Bear, only has one.

5. A Robot Vacuum

You're living in the uber-productive future. Well at least you think you are, until you figure out a Roomba scares your pets, gets stuck on every cable your A/V system has, and can't do corners. When you have to babysit and clean up after your automated appliance, you're not really saving time.

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4. Echo Dot and Other Amazon Spy Speakers

The low, low price on these little Alexa speakers make them seem like great future gifts—but you're basically throwing a data-sucking spy into the home of your friend or family member. Everybody that wants one of these already has one.

3. Clothes

The best way to make a bad fashion choice is to buy something that's 80 percent off. It's 80 percent off because nobody wants to wear it.

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2. An Air Fryer

An air fryer is just a toaster oven with a God complex. Just get your fries at McDonald's like everybody else.

1. A Big-Screen TV

$350 sounds amazing for a 58-inch TV, but given how much time you spend binge watching, you'll always regret you didn't spend a little more money for something with a much better picture, more streaming apps, and a brand name that doesn't sound like someone threw a bunch of letters into a blender and came up with a word nobody has ever heard before. Caveat emptor!