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The 11 Most Annoying Texts You'll Ever Receive, Ranked

Every sender of these deserves to get blocked

11. The overactive group chat

You pick up your phone and there's 87 unread messages from your chatty-ass friends. As if you don’t already have enough Hulu shows to binge.

10. The vanishing ellipsis bubble

Are you deep in thought, trying to find the right words before dropping a bombshell? Or did you just inadvertently tap the space bar with no intent on sending a message? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING US.

9. The thumbs-up nonresponse

Perfectly acceptable when used as confirmation of receipt, akin to "Roger that." Infuriating when its meaning is unclear—or it is deployed as a passive-aggressive flip-off.

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8. "u up?"

This used to be text-speak for a booty call, but now people use it to see if you're watching Netflix at 2 a.m. or want to play Call of Duty. Some of us are trying to sleep!

7. "Did you get my email?"

Yes, just ignoring it. Just like I will to this text.

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6. Desperate politician needs your donation

In this economy?! It's a hard pass, Senator.

5. Wrong Number scam

They've got the wrong number but hey, could you use a cute friend? No, not gonna jump over to WhatsApp to continue this sketchy conversation.

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4. Jiffy Lube all up in your DMs

Yes, oil changes are important, but we don't need a text every week about it. Slow your Jiffy.

3. After/before-hours work text

Your boss never needs to text after 6 p.m.—unless it's to give you a promotion.

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2. "k"

Children and teens get a pass here. But if your grown ass can’t put in the bare-minimum effort to type OK, and instead opt to shorten it to K, I’m very sorry, but we can’t be friends. K?

1. Any single message that requires scrolling to read it in its entirety

I'm just in the bathroom pooping, I don't have time to read a whole novel. You never heard of KISS?