Breaking: Kanye West Admits He Was Wrong
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Breaking: Kanye West Admits He Was Wrong

Ye and humility, who would have thought?

Ye was a recent guest on an ABC News Live special for a rare interview. The multi-hyphenate went over a host of topics and said weird stuff like, “the human being is the iPhone, and the Earth is our office.” But you might wanna watch your heads. Pigs might start flying soon. Kanye Omari West admitted he was wrong. About more than one thing, too.

During the 30-minute special, “Ye gave some brief insight into his private Christian school, Donda Academy. Linsey Davis, the journalist who interviewed Ye, even joked during a lead-in on a Good Morning America preview that while he claims he’s a proud non-reader of books, it seems like Mr. West has at least opened up the Bible because he quotes scripture. So, there’s that. He also revealed that he still has political aspirations, saying he’ll “absolutely” run for office again. Somewhat acknowledged that it might not have been the best decision to run for president in 2020, saying it wasn’t “God’s time,” and coyly threw out Miami’s mayor, Francis X. Saurez, as a great candidate in the future.

Currently, West is in the midst of a legal fight with Gap and Adidas about his likeness and how the companies sell Yeezy products. He wants to go about business on his own, without corporate interference—no dictating the terms, prices, or locations of where his products are sold. Davis smartly brings up a classic ‘Ye moment when he turned up on Sway for simply asking why West refuses to go a more independent route. In an uncanny moment of humility, Ye says, you know what, maybe Sway “had the answer” after all.

At another point, Davis turns her focus to a different controversy. For months and months, Ye harassed his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and her at-the-time boyfriend, Pete Davidson, on social media. Davis gets Ye to admit he could have handled things better. He apologizes for “any stress that [he] has caused in his frustration.” His reasoning could use some work, though. He basically attributes his regret to the fact that a stressed mom might not be the best mom. Nothing about the fact that he was being a dick to a woman and scaring the shit out of her by acting very stalkerish in a very public forum.