Dwayne Johnson’s 5 Best Film Roles, Ranked

Dwayne Johnson’s 5 Best Film Roles, Ranked

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

5. Central Intelligence

If there’s one role Dwayne Johnson was born to play, it’s a CIA agent who can kill 12 people with a mechanical pencil. Central Intelligence gave The Rock (as Bob Stone) an extra layer of character development by making him wildly insecure, looking up to Kevin Hart of all people. This is like True Lies and Twins all rolled up into one movie.

4. The Rundown

While The Scorpion King showed that Johnson could be a box-office action hero, The Rundown proved that he could play comedy and charisma as well as any movie star around. Don’t sleep on this one, jabroni.

3. The Fast & the Furious franchise

From Fast Five right on down to Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson added a whole new dimension to a mind-numbingly ridiculous film franchise that was one step away from greatness. Suddenly, F&F transformed into a series of movies about regular-ass people with Avengers-level attributes, thanks in large part to stunts like The Rock leaping from a building and punching Idris Elba on the way down — with no parachute. What’s so unbelievable about that?

2. Be Cool

It’s time for you to revisit a so-bad-it’s-good gem of modern cinema. Here, Johnson plays Elliot, a gay bodyguard with actorly ambitions who delivers a monologue from the cheerleader classic Bring It On. Unthinkably silly? Yup. Also comedy gold.

1. Moana

There’s no more perfect role for Dwayne Johnson than a hulking Samoan spirit with a platinum voice and a heart of gold. Buddy really put his foot into the role of Maui and gave life to an iconic animated Disney character for a new generation. Could we get a whole album of this?

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