How to Drink to Your Heart’s Content Without Becoming a Fatty
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How to Drink to Your Heart’s Content Without Becoming a Fatty

Yes, you love your booze. Here are the best low-calorie options to help you avoid the bloat

Light beer is still a punchline; is it even real beer? But it serves a purpose: You can pack on a lot of pounds if you're a regular drinker and you aren't watching how many calories you're chugging down.

Drinking lots of high-calorie booze can also be bad for your overall health, with high alcohol consumption linked to high body fat, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and risk of stroke. Luckily, we have Men's Health to guide us away from the alcohol most likely to give us bloated bellies. The magazine put together a ranked list of the lowest-calorie alcohol to help you make better choices at the bar.

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So what booze is best if you're watching your weight? Tequila, rum, vodka, and gin are all around 100 calories per shot at 80 proof, according to Men's Health, and you can keep them at that caloric level by mixing with seltzer water or tonics. The higher the proof, though, the more calories you'll be consuming.

If you're eating sushi or Korean BBQ, you're in luck: Sake and Korean Soju (in many yummy flavors) are both only around 60 calories per shot. What else made the list: Prosecco (100 calories per serving), hard seltzers (about 100 calories per can), and white wine (120 calories per glass). Light beer (70 to 100 calories per can or bottle) was also included, but with so many other options, are you really sure you want to go that route?

Of course, even if you're doing low-calorie drinks, you should practice moderation overall. Two drinks or less a day will help lower lots of the risks of drinking, and you'll help avoid dehydration and sleep problems, too.

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