I’m Taking the Week Off. Take Care of Yourselves.
Illustration: Janet Sung

I’m Taking the Week Off. Take Care of Yourselves.

Showing compassion in perilous times

Over the past six months, Dear Level has covered everything from body hair and sex toys to the importance of using lube. It’s a safe place for everything related to sex and relationships. But here’s the thing: A Black man named George Floyd just lost his life in Minneapolis. A Black man named Christian Cooper could have lost his the same way in New York City’s Central Park.

It often feels like Black men are hunted for sport. If that seems melodramatic, then you’re part of the problem.

So we’re taking a week off from talking about sex. It’s still important (perhaps now more than ever), but for a moment, I have some things I need to say to the Black men in our lives.

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Please, come join us. If not, see you here next week.