The 6 Greatest Black Men’s Hair Comebacks, Ranked
Photo illustration. Source: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The 6 Greatest Black Men’s Hair Comebacks, Ranked

Don’t call it a comeback. They been hair for years.

6. LeBron James

Granted, his hairline has a tendency to ebb and flow like a California shoreline. But Bron has come a long way since the gigantic headbands — even if he required more help than those early Cavs rosters.

5. Jamie Foxx

Even Ray Charles — and your average doctor — could see how this legendary actor got his hairline back to full strength.

3. Tory Lanez and Tyga (Tie)

Shoutout to Craig L. Ziering, MD, for helping quell two ever-growing foreheads.

2. Jay-Z

When God was pouring gifts into humans, he gave Jay-Z too much sauce. Arguably the GOAT of rap, he also found himself with a beautiful superstar wife and hair that’s flourishing at the age of 50. What more can we say?

1. Jadakiss

It really wasn’t until 2012 — after more than a decade of gaining money, power, and respect — that we realized Jada’s blingin’ baldie was a style choice. That year, the patron saint of fitted caps unleashed a head full of spinning waves like Ali fresh out the pen. Top 5 DOA, indeed.

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