In the Midst of a Recession, the Chicken Wing Offers Hope
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In the Midst of a Recession, the Chicken Wing Offers Hope

That's a poetic way of saying drums and flats have dropped to pre-pandemic prices. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

The U.S. economy is in shambles. This should be news to no one at this point. Costs are up across the board, from milk to diesel. And don’t even think about buying a home right now. In the words of Joey Crack: Yesterday’s price is not today’s price.

Yet within this depressing reality, there is one sliver of hope. Let’s all find a bit of solace in the fact that wholesale chicken wings have dropped below their pandemic prices. This is not a drill! Get your ass down to your local grocer pronto! (Vegan friends, please disregard. Sorry.)

According to NBC News, the Department of Agriculture's price index for chicken wings is currently the lowest it has been since 2018. In July, the price for wholesale wings hit $1.68 per pound, and all signs point to it dropping even more this month. Which means it’s time to make like a stock investor and buy the dip. That's a double entendre.

Inflation is beating all of our asses right now due to many factors, namely the pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain issues, worthless politicians, and general greed. These are what caused chicken wing prices to skyrocket in the first place. In May 2021, the price for a pound of wings reached an all-time high of $3.25. Which means it’s damn near half off since those dark (meat) days.

This pricing nosedive might be short lived; if there’s one bit of information we retained from high school economics, it’s the concept of supply and demand. With the NFL season starting in less than a month, and the NBA season’s tipoff in the fall, you best believe folks will be chowing down on some flats and, for the unsophisticated, drums. But in the meantime, have some couth—don’t clear out the chicken section and pack your freezer like some hungry-ass hoarder, or crowd out the spots with the best lemon pepper wet every damn day. Be a good Samaritan.

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