Jamie Foxx’s Health Situation “Getting Better,” According to Kevin Hart
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx’s Health Situation “Getting Better,” According to Kevin Hart

In the meantime, Nick Cannon will replace the hospitalized star as host of 'Beat Shazam'

Three weeks ago, an undisclosed medical incident sent Jamie Foxx to the hospital. Since, there hasn’t been any concrete update from Foxx or his family on what exactly happened. And with the multitalented star still out of the public eye and some of his work being farmed out to stand-ins, the situation has been starting to feel a lot more concerning.

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Kevin Hart, however, came through with a promising update in an episode of the Impaulsive podcast that was released yesterday. “The dope thing is that he's getting better in his situation," Hart said, adding that he feels fortunate to have a close relationship with the iconic entertainer. “I don’t know the details or the exact details as to what’s going on, but to my knowledge, there’s a lot of progression and a world of better."

“They're being tight and for reasons just about where he is, because Jamie's always been a private person, to a certain degree," Hart added. "Everybody's prayers, everybody's love, energy, all that stuff is seen and felt. So in this case, man, you just want the guy to get out of the situation he's in and get back home."

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While it’s still vague, this was a well-timed update amidst yesterday’s announcement that Nick Cannon will cover Foxx’s hosting duties on the game show Beat Shazam, while Kelly Osbourne will take over as DJ for Foxx's daughter, Corinne. This was on the same day as an update from TMZ in which family members said, ominously, "pray for Jamie."

As if in response to these concerns, Foxx's Instagram account posted a short, text-only update yesterday, saying, "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed (praying emoji, heart emoji, fox emoji)"

The account also posted a thank you to Cannon for helping out on Beat Shazam.

The lack of a photo of Foxx on the road to recovery for these updates is striking, but let’s just keep well wishes to the max—and reckless theories to a minimum.