Using Jamie Foxx's Health Scare to Push Anti-Vaxx Conspiracies Is Foul
Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images

Using Jamie Foxx's Health Scare to Push Anti-Vaxx Conspiracies Is Foul

The Oscar-winning actor is recovering from a recent "medical complication"

Jamie Foxx was rushed to a hospital this week after what his daughter and rising star Corinne Foxx described in a social media-released statement as a "medical complication."

Now, just days later and even as the star is reportedly doing much better and recovering, his health scare is revving up the anti-vaxxer movement, especially on Twitter, where Foxx’s name trended this morning.

Although no legitimate news source has confirmed the nature of the medical emergency (not even TMZ, which is typically in the know with insider information), Twitter trolls have concluded that Foxx had a stroke and that Covid vaccinations that are likely mandatory to work on movie sets are to blame. Some of the speculation can be attributed to an account called Natural Immunity FTW, which bears a blue Verified badge (which means nothing these days) and has more than 88,500 followers.

Let’s put aside the fact that whatever happened to Foxx hasn’t been confirmed to the public, and could be many ailments other than a stroke. Let’s also put aside the fact that there are millions of people Foxx's age who have been vaxxed and yet haven’t suffered a stroke. What’s important to remember here is that using someone's health misfortunes to publicly further your own political agenda or belief system is gross. And it sure doesn't help the person in question get better.

Fair game, though: Speculating on what might happen with Back in Action—the movie Foxx was working on up until his recent health predicament—given how much attention the troubled film shoot was already getting.

Instead of reopening the vaccine debate, let's just wish the legendary Jamie Foxx a speedy recovery and good health for a long time to come. And watch a video to remind us the In Living Color legend is also a really good impressionist.

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