Jay Electronica’s 7 Best Nicknames, Ranked

Jay Electronica’s 7 Best Nicknames, Ranked

Call him Jay Select-Nomen, ha?

Photo illustration; Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

7. Jay Electricity

More like Exhibit AC/DC, yadidamean?

6. Jay Cirque du Soleilica

Thrill to the acrobatic wordplay in the only circus that’s 100% clown-free.

5. Jay Electollah Flomeini

Tucked into his countless Arabic and Islamic references is this gem, a one-timer on “The Neverending Story.”

4. The Phantom of the Chakras

Don’t just keep that third eye open, get all your energy aligned with the emcee’s most-cited sobriquet — melanated, carbon-dated, or otherwise.

3. Jay Elect-Hanukkah

When you can stretch one bar into eight, you know the flow’s a miracle.

2. Jay Elect-Yarmulke

One way to solve the Israel-Palestine crisis: smack kufis and kippot.

1. Jay Elect-Ramadan

Think fast!

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