Jonathan Majors' Legal Team Has Finally Delivered Those Receipts
Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Jonathan Majors' Legal Team Has Finally Delivered Those Receipts

The Marvel star is being aggressively defended in court over a potentially career-derailing altercation from March

Back in late March, things weren't looking great for actor Jonathan Majors, who was arrested in what appeared to be a domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Released without bail, Majors was charged with misdemeanor assault and aggravated harassment among other accusations just as he was on deck with two major movie releases, the latest Ant-Man sequel for Marvel and Creed III. But now, as the case has made its way back to court, things might be turning around for Majors.

His legal team, which promised in March to prove he was innocent, says it has extensive records proving that Jabbari's injuries—which include a broken finger and lacerated ear—were not caused by Majors. A lawyer for Majors says Jabbari likely injured herself hours after the encounter with the actor and apparently provided some evidence to the website Insider backing up that assertion. Insider points out, however, that the legal team didn't show exactly how Jabbari sustained those injuries afterward.

The team, led by Priya Chaudhry, is also claiming racism was involved in the arrest, with six white police officers allegedly discussing how Majors could afford to live in an expensive penthouse. They apparently were not aware of the actor's career, according to the lawyer. Chaudhry is also claiming that the police may have coached Jabbari when she was unable to answer their questions. The lawyer said, "everyone—despite proof of the Black man's innocence—will assume he did it. And no one — despite proof of the white woman's crimes — will prosecute her."

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The legal team says it has multiple witnesses, including a driver, a bartender, and a handyman, who are willing to testify in the case defending Majors, and that the incident revolved around a break-up text from Majors. Among the many texts Jabbari apparently sent to Majors that night was a threat of suicide, the lawyers claim. Chaudhry has gone so far as to speculate to the press about why Jabbari herself hasn't been charged with assault; she claims the ex-girlfriend not only assaulted Majors but also took Rolex watches and jewelry from the actor's apartment.

If Majors is worried about the case, which is scheduled to go to trial on August 3, he didn't show it. He showed up at the preliminary hearing with new girlfriend Meagan Good and was photographed smiling during the proceedings.

In March, Majors lost a U.S. Army ad campaign and was dropped by his manager a few weeks after his arrest.

Marvel has so far taken no major action on Majors in terms of his roles in the MCU; they delayed two Avengers movies a year, which may not be due to this case, and canceled a behind-the-scenes show, but otherwise have not removed or recast anything involving Majors so far that we're aware of.

Majors is still set to appear in the upcoming season of Loki on Disney+.