Man-Child on Plane Screams About Actual Child on Plane
Photo: Tizian Kern / Unsplash

Man-Child on Plane Screams About Actual Child on Plane

A Southwest Airlines passenger lost his cool over the same crying we've all heard on flights

If you're going to act like a big baby on a commercial flight, make sure nobody captures your shame and posts it to TikTok.

"I had headphones on! I was sleeping!... You want me to scream? I'll f**king scream!" a man on a flight from Baltimore to Florida was captured saying, as plane crew tried to get him to calm down.

TikTok user Mark Grabowski, who goes by bad_ideas_galore, on the platform, posted a three-minute video that has gone viral.


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"We are in a f**king tin can! With a baby in a goddamn echo chamber, and you want to talk to me about being okay!?" the man screams, "F**k you and shut up! Arrest me! I'm triggered!"

The yelling man, who appears in the video to be Black, at one point suggests that the flight crew might’ve reacted differently if the crying baby were also Black. (It’s worth noting that one of the members of the flight crew handling the situation also appears to be Black.) The man is accompanied by a woman who appears mortified, holding a hand to her head through the entire thing.

The video goes on to show the man unwilling to get off the plane and then being escorted away by police once the plane landed. According to CBS News, the man was not actually arrested.

Passengers said they were supposed to land in Fort Lauderdale, but the flight circled around during the incident and ended up being diverted to Orlando. A statement from Southwest Airlines said, "We do not have specific details of this event or third-party video to share. We commend our Crew for exhibiting outstanding professionalism while handling a challenging situation, and we appreciate the patience of our other Customers onboard who had to experience the unacceptable behavior," the statement said.

The clownish behavior has made the online pages of People, USA Today, the Miami Herald, NBC and even The New York Post.

Listen, nobody likes hearing a screaming baby on their flight. But if you're more annoying and louder than a screaming infant, you've lost your right to complain.

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