Miami Daycare Didn't Get the Memo About Putting Kids in Blackface

Miami Daycare Didn't Get the Memo About Putting Kids in Blackface

Three toddlers were part of a Black History Month activity gone very wrong

Blackface is always a bad idea. Some shocked parents at a Miami daycare called Studio Kids learned that several children were made up in blackface as part of a Black History Month activity.

According to The Miami Herald, at least one Black parent, Courtney Politis, pulled her kids from the daycare after finding out about the incident, saying, "You should know better as an educator… What else are you teaching our children?"

The Herald reports that parents said the teacher involved in the blackface activity is Latina.

Politis said she contacted the daycare's administration via text after finding out about the activity, only to get the response, "What is racist?" The daycare, which has three locations in the Miami area, subsequently sent out an apology to parents, saying, "We have not intended to offend anyone, and we are very sorry about any inconvenience."

You know what else is inconvenient? Keeping track of recent blackface incidents across the country, which continue to happen. A Catholic school in Philadelphia expelled two students over a viral video featuring blackface. A New Jersey man showed up at a Sarah Silverman comedy show in blackface. And in Virginia, a Wise County school board member is trying to brush past criticism of a Halloween photo that surfaced of her in blackface.

In case anyone needs the reminder: this is not how Black History Month is celebrated.

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