People Are Using ChatGPT to Write Wedding Vows Because Love Is Just a Simulation Anyway
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People Are Using ChatGPT to Write Wedding Vows Because Love Is Just a Simulation Anyway

Artificial intelligence removes the need to express how you feel or think on your most-important day. Finally!

Some couples write their own wedding vows, because nothing in the scriptures and literature can capture the unique and specific circumstances of their powerful love and commitment to each other. Only their own words can express what's in their hearts.

Other couples are like, "Eff that, let’s just use ChatGPT, we got better things to do!"

As reported by CNN, some engaged people are outsourcing some of the most important words they will ever say in public to the popular artificial intelligence tool. The chat bot's writer's block tool can help craft an emotional speech and at least be the basis for the vows that a soon-to-be-married person can then smooth over or beef up with more specifics (like “that time I held your hair back as you threw up in an Applebee's parking lot”).

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One bride quoted in the story, Elyse Nguyen, said she had no prior experience with wedding vows (good?) and didn't know how to start. "ChatGPT is a genius with alliteration, analogies, and metaphors. Having something like, ‘I promise to be your partner in life with the enthusiasm of a golfer’s first hole in one’ in my back pocket was comical," Nguyen said.

Let's not be too judgmental about that unfunny example; wedding vows are not a Chris Rock Netflix special.

Couples are also using ChatGPT to help with wedding planning, build out wedding websites, and write thank-you cards—the task nobody tells you will end up consuming several months of your post-wedding life. Some couples said ChatGPT can help with marriage contracts specific to their culture or at least shave off some research time for those who want to include inspirational quotes or language on gender equality. One anaesthesiologist quoted in the story, Michael Grinn, said he wouldn't offload his vows to AI (unlike his fiancee), but that he plans to use ChatGPT to officiate his friend's wedding.

"It mostly comes down to time because I've been working so much," he said of his best-man duties, "and this is so efficient." No word on whether he's hiring strippers for the bachelor party by using AI.

The great thing about ChatGPT is that even in the unfortunate scenario in which a marriage doesn't last, it can still be a useful tool for the next stage of life. ChatGPT can be used to draft divorce papers, too.

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