The 7 Greatest Games on 'The Price Is Right,' Ranked
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The 7 Greatest Games on 'The Price Is Right,' Ranked

R.I.P. to Bob Barker—a TV legend who always kept it 100 (without going over)

Whether you only remember watching The Price Is Right at your gramma's house while she waited for The Young and the Restless to come on or you were a devotee through the more recent Drew Carey years, the news of host Bob Barker's death over the weekend probably hit you right in the feels where nostalgia meets deep knowledge of TV game show conceits.

As many clever critics pointed out, Barker's death at 99 meant he managed to get close to 100 without going over (semantics notwithstanding), a nod to one of the mechanics of many of the show's games. And games the show had (and has). So many games for one show (and an iconic defeat sound). Here's the best ones, ranked.

7. Showcase Showdown (a.k.a. Spin That Wheel!)

Technically, this was the most popular game because it was the one contestants had to play in order to get to the rest of the games. The implied weight of the wheel, the glittery numbering, the sound effects—all perfection. (Even if it did result in some injuries.)

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6. Check Game

Nobody knows what the f**k checks are anymore, but back in the day, it was fun to imagine rolling up to the grocery store and writing on a gigantic oversized one like in this game.

5. Hole In One

Nobody dislikes mini golf-inspired games unless they are a fascist. We like to think this somehow led to another great TV show: Holey Moley.

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4. 3 Strikes

The one where you dig in Bob Barker's sack (ha!) and bag and try not to dig out an X.

3. Showcase

The endgame of Price Is Right is facing off against an opponent to bid on a prize package full of jet skis and vacations and possibly A NEW CARRRRRRR! Always tense, always a great closer.

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2. Plinko

This one has been adapted and ripped off by other game shows (ahem, The Wall), but it's the one where there's a bunch of pegs and a chip falls down landing on a prize amount. A stone-cold classic for a reason.

1. Cliff Hangers

Plinko might be the game you want to play most, but Cliff Hanger is the most memorable because of that weird yodeling song and the little climber going up the hill. Try getting that one out of your head anytime soon.