The 9 Earwormiest ‘Animaniacs’ Songs, Ranked
Photo: Warner Bros. Animation/Amblin Entertainment

The 9 Earwormiest ‘Animaniacs’ Songs, Ranked

The recently rebooted cartoon classic had slaps!

9. “Variety Speak”

The Animaniacs break down the way Hollywood frames its stories for Variety magazine. Seriously, they talk about contracts, movie box office performances, show cancellations, and all kinds of insidery stuff. These are straight-up bars. This can’t be for kids, right?

8. “The Monkey Song”

What can’t the Warners do? They got more styles than Drake. And just like when Drizzy went through his rude bwoy phase, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot tapped into Caribbean styles on this steel drum-powered calypso joint that even has a little dance to it.

7. “Yakko’s Universe”

Yakko gave us Mars bars on a track that does a great job of reminding kids that their lives are meaningless specks in a galaxy infinitely more vast than they can comprehend. Childhood!

6. “There’s Only One of You”

Styles on styles on styles. This love song channels barbershop quartet vibes and it doesn’t miss. Why didn’t I have this played at my wedding?

5. “Yakko’s World”

Yakko was really spitting here. He gave us every country in the world in less than two minutes. Eat your heart out, Twista.

4. “I’m Cute”

Dot gave us some throwback goodness on this sleeper pick about being cute, all while Yakko and Wakko played the background. It’s just like watching the Fugees.

3. “The Presidents Song”

Serious question: Did the Animaniacs invent the Migos flow? Take a listen to this one and tell us you can hear a difference. This record goes beyond listing every U.S. president — it also gives a fact about each one. And trashes the Confederate flag. Hopefully, they’ll bring this back for the Hulu reboot and add Obama (but not whoever that was who came after him).

2. “The Theme Song”

You know the OG had to be high on here. You’re zany to the max if you think you can go all day without it being stuck in your head.

1. “Wakko’s America”

In one of the first songs in the series, Wakko channels his love of Americana to list every U.S. state capital. Why isn’t this classic being taught in every school in America? We blame Betsy DeVos!

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