Don’t Get It Twisted — Going Gray Is a Flex
Illustration: Jacob Rochester

Don’t Get It Twisted — Going Gray Is a Flex

Don’t stress your hair’s natural process — roll out the silver carpet for it

Salt and pepper have always been an iconic duo — a seasoning starter kit for struggle chefs everywhere. But when it comes to scalps and scruff, the color combo suggests an air of mastery. Bad Boys for Life got it all wrong: Today’s virility means skipping the Midnight Cocoa Bean hair dye and letting those grays come out to play.

Gone are the days when gray hair signaled that a man has begun his descent, becoming a relic of yesteryear. Now, the black and whites that pepper a man’s strands indicate mountains climbed and lessons learned. Not everyone makes it to that side of life, where past L's culminate into present-day wins. And for that, you should wear the silver hairs that sprout as a badge of honor.

Going gray is no shortcut to sage wokeness — you’ll have to continue feeding what’s underneath the scalp for that — but it’s certainly an E-ZPass to looking the part. Your swagger will skyrocket, and so will your sex appeal. That X factor that may have eluded you throughout high school and college suddenly sits front row.

Simply put, if you were never that guy before, let those gray patches mark your arrival. Own it. Flaunt it. Be proud of it, because you’ve earned it. Let the young’uns do what young’uns do; bad boys will remain just that. We grown women like our men a little broken in — and seasoned just so.