The 4 Virgos That Black Folks Least Mess With, Ranked
Image: Littlepaw/Getty Images

The 4 Virgos That Black Folks Least Mess With, Ranked

Love to Michael Jackson and ’Yonce, but we don’t rock with these particular zodiac reps

4. Stephen King

King of horror, sure. But there’s nothing thrilling or shocking about the stereotypical Black characters that always seem to pop-up in his work.

3. Amy Poehler

This unfunny woman might not be as blatantly and banally racist as her comrade in Karenism, Tina Fey, but she also hasn’t publicly checked her friend, which violates the values of Virgodom from the jump.

2. John McCain

Veteran status be damned, this late politician had a untouchable track record of racist statements and political moves. Muslim, Vietnamese, Iranian, Black folks, take your pick. He covered the spectrum.

1. Anthony Weiner

Imagine being the world’s most infamous sender of nudes and having that last name. Then, top it with inadvertently helping Trump get elected. It all leaves you with a grade-A bozo who’s the embarrassment of kind, reliable Virgos everywhere.

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