The 4 Worst Ways to Get 360 Waves, Ranked
Jar of Sportin’ Waves from Sally Beauty.

The 4 Worst Ways to Get 360 Waves, Ranked

Stop! You’re spinnin’ outta control

4. Stocking cap

The sheer audacity to leave home with some scissored-up pantyhose on your dome. Unless you wanna look like someone’s resourceful uncle — or Day-Day in Next Friday — upgrade to the wide world of durags.

3. Pomade

You just might get some ripples, but this thick goop will make you feel like you’re rocking a helmet made of hair. Unless Fisher-Price figurines are your style icon, leave this one on the shelf.

2. Texturizer

No need to fry your scalp so your strands swim good. Instead, just trust the (chemical-free) process: embrace the wolf, moisturize, brush like hell, tie it down, repeat over the course of several weeks. Easy!

1. Be born with them

If you believe this, we’ve got a bridge to sell you… that’s supported by durag strings.

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