The 5 Least Surprising Comments on Our Recent Political Coverage, Ranked
Photo: Zero Creatives/Getty Images

The 5 Least Surprising Comments on Our Recent Political Coverage, Ranked

Hit dogs holler, that’s all we’re saying

5. “This is a pretty disgusting article. If Parler got silenced why should Medium not get the same treatment? It’s far, far worse.”

Totally, man. Calling for Trump to face (legal) repercussions for his (legal) violations is far, far worse than fantasizing about murdering elected officials, based on a conspiracy theory that has been dismissed in courtrooms across America due to not having even a shred of evidence to support it. The only thing you forgot in this gem is telling us we’re the real racists.

4. “How is it difficult for POCs to vote? Even voter ID laws which ensure against illegitimate voting, are somehow construed as racist — as if POCs are legally unable to obtain IDs.”

You know that phrase “do your research”? Wait, what we are even asking? Of course you do. People love trotting it out before revealing that their conclusions are based on doctored videos and citation-free journalism. That being said, do your research.

3. “First grade level writing style with high school level grammar and vocabulary is still cringe. I hope no one considers this journalism.”

[Looks in mirror, watches a single tear track along our quivering cheek.] Don’t worry, it’s from laughter.

2. “Medium is a liberal circle jerk.”

Totally. Groupthink only here on Medium.

1. “And still no condemnation of BLM and Antifa when they attempted to storm the White House with Biden saying nothing and Harris donating for their bail.”

Wait, you mean the peaceful protestors in the park across the street who Trump had tear-gassed so he could get a photo op while holding a Bible like he totally knew what it was? (Shout out to Two Corinthians 3:16!) Or do you mean the ones in the streets outside protesting while literally hundreds of cops with military-grade equipment faced them down? Funny, we’re having a hard time remembering anything like what you’re saying happened. It’s almost like it… didn’t? Dunno, must be us.

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