The 5 Seasons of The Wire, Ranked

The 5 Seasons of The Wire, Ranked

Peace to Stringer Bell

Photo illustration; Source: HBO

5. Season Five

A few prescient moments couldn’t save this underwhelming newspaper-centered plot — a lone blemish on an otherwise untouchable series. Creator David Simon had too much dip on his chip with this one.

4. Season Two

The second go-round gets a bad rap due to the heroin-high bar set by other seasons. Still, The Wire is supposed to be about those thuggish ruggish Buh-lacks robbing and killing each other. It’s just not as much fun when the spicy Whites get involved.

3. Season One

It took a while to get the engine revving, but The Wire’s maiden season is an explosive body of work that brings the streets of Baltimore to life (and death). Extra points for perhaps the most realistic street pick-up game depicted on screen.

2. Season Three

Man, listen. Where’s Wallace?

1. Season Four

The cruelest trick The Wire ever pulled was getting the prepubescents involved. Every moment of this season feels heavy with dread, leaving viewers in their feels like no other season of TV.

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