The 5 Worst Kool-Aid Flavors, Ranked
Photo: Kraft Food Inc.

The 5 Worst Kool-Aid Flavors, Ranked

Just add water… or maybe don’t

5. Sharkleberry Fin

Kudos to the name — a nod either to the classic cartoon dog (weird) or the Mark Twain book (weirder) — but its odd mix of artificial fruits (orange, strawberry, and… banana?) will make you say “Oh Nooo!”

4. Green Apple

The Kool-Aid chemists just stopped trying to cook up something even remotely realistic; this stuff is tart as hell and tastes like a liquefied Jolly Rancher.

3. Orange

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid — opt for Sunny D instead.

2. Ice Cool

Ah, the flavor literally no one asked for. Menthol in Kool-Aid? Not cool.

1. Root beer

Gotta be honest here: We’ve never actually tried what is very likely the most identity-confused flavor of the Kool-Aid canon. But this sugary soda simulation — minus the carbonation — surely falls flat.

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