The 6 Most Iconic Masked Black Celebrities, Ranked
Photo Source: Lucasfilm Ltd.

The 6 Most Iconic Masked Black Celebrities, Ranked

Face masks been a look

6. H.E.R

Sure, her sunglasses don’t exactly qualify as a mask, but the vibey singer loves to hide in plain sight behind those oversized black shades.

5. Slo Down

Was Slo Down anything more than a glorified hype man and backup dancer for the St. Lunatics? According to Nelly, no. But did his Phantom of the Opera mask add to the mystique of his artistry? Also, no.

4. Ghostface Killah

Before the gaudy eagle bracelet, gold chains, and Wallabees became his trademark accessories, Pretty Toney remained nondescript behind a hockey mask that recalls Jason Voorhees.

3. Leikeli47

On some goon shit, the Brooklyn rapper’s bandana-pattern tailored ski mask is both street and steezy, while suggesting she’s truly about that action.

2. MF Doom

Only one man can make the Dr. Doom mask hotter than Dr. Doom can.

1. Darth Vader

The daddy of all mask wearers, this Star Wars antagonist’s iconic faceguard does the dual work of helping the ol’ man breathe and concealing the true identity of one of skinfolk’s most legendary voices: James Earl Jones.

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