The 7 Greatest Black Summertime Traditions, Ranked
Photo: FatCamera/Getty Images

The 7 Greatest Black Summertime Traditions, Ranked

Here it is, a list slightly transformed — just a bit of a break from the norm

7. Eating sunflower seeds

By now, you’ve probably committed the entire 10-second maneuver to muscle memory: Pour a few of these salty snacks into your palm, shake ’em in your fist like Dame Dash in a dice game, pop a couple in your mouth, liberate the seeds, and let the shells fly and land where they may.

6. Opening a fire hydrant

All it takes is the crank of a wrench to convert a city street into a water park.

5. Calling out from work

Sure, Juneteenth messed around and became an official work holiday — but once you take three other Fridays off “sick,” your boss might get a little suspicious.

4. The almighty fish fry

Catfish reigns supreme in this cultural staple with slavery-era roots. There’s no better way to end the season. (See also: crawfish boils, soft-shell crab feasts.)

3. Playing dominoes

RIP to your flimsy fold-up table.

2. Family reunions

Don’t fill up on too many burgers or barbecue ribs — the itis won’t serve you well when it’s time to break out the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, or (of course) the Electric Slide, alongside a yard full of third cousins whose names you’ve already forgotten.

1. White parties

The only festivity where drip is equally encouraged and despised. Long live Andre Harrell!

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