The 8 Most Trustworthy Geminis, Ranked
Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The 8 Most Trustworthy Geminis, Ranked

With Taurus’ days behind us, we turn our attention to the most-maligned sign

8. Iggy Azalea

We’d bet our last buck on the twerking Aussie putting her foot in her mouth at least once a year. Fancy that!

7. Jussie Smolett

Hey, can you prove it didn’t happen?

6. Tupac Shakur

Pac had a wild streak, but you could bank on this Black Panther progeny putting his people first.

5. Naomi Campbell

With the recent dirt that’s circulated about Tyra, Naomi has been on the right side of history. We just needed to catch up.

4. Jadakiss

The Lox’s A1 since day one seems like the rare Gemini who’s got all of his personalities in sync.

3. André 3000

We’ll forever side-eye Three Stacks’ commitment to never releasing a proper solo follow-up to The Love Below, but his guest verses are as reliable as a Steph Curry free throw. Plus, who doesn’t trust a guy who pops up playing the flute in public every few months?

2. Prince

You can always count on a man in assless chaps to tell it to you straight.

1. Morgan Freeman

There’s no questioning the voice of God.

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