9 'Toy Story' Characters Most Likely to Get a Spinoff Film, Ranked
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9 'Toy Story' Characters Most Likely to Get a Spinoff Film, Ranked

'Lightyear' failed to go to infinity and beyond at the box office. How would these other Pixar creations fare?

9. Bo Peep

Sheep herding is a noble, time-honored profession. That being said, it mostly involves standing in a field all day and keeping an eye out for wolves. The only other sheep herding movie we can think of is Babe and that one had an adorable pig in it to liven things up. Simply put, a Bo Peep spinoff sounds baa-aaad.

8. Slinky Dog

So, presumably the real-life version of Slinky Dog that inspired the toy is a dog who had a huge spring surgically implanted into his torso? We have many questions. Does the spring also carry his blood and nerve cells from his top half to his bottom half? And how exactly does he urinate? These are not questions we want to spend two hours getting the answers to. All we know is that the scientists who created the real-life Slinky Dog should be in jail.

7. Sarge and the Bucket O’ Soldiers

From Saving Private Ryan to Red Tails, this genre has already been done to death.

6. RC

It never really made sense that RC is the only toy that can’t talk. It’s kind of like how Goofy can talk but Pluto can’t for some reason. It’s a moot point though, because Pixar already has its own Cars franchise.

5. Woody

If we’re being honest, Woody’s character in the Toy Story movies can be a little annoying. He’s insecure, kind of bossy, and it can’t be overlooked that he’s basically a cop with a pull-string.

4. Mr. Potato Head

Like Slinky Dog, whichever scientists are responsible for breeding a human-potato hybrid with detachable appendages belong in prison. We don’t want to watch a movie about the tortured existence that is life as a potato man. Not now. Not ever.

3. Hamm

The talking pig movie has been done before (again, see Babe franchise) so we’re not really sure how this spinoff would trod any new territory. But people love talking animals so at least there’s potential here. Maybe the pig goes on a string of armed bank robberies? There could be something there.

2. Rex

A movie about dinosaurs brought back to life in the modern world has been done before (six times to be exact). But the story of a friendly dinosaur who scientists somehow trained to talk? Now that idea has legs (and tiny arms).

1. The Aliens

Love those little mf-ers. Would 100% see this movie.

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