New York A.G. Letitia James Is Suing Worthless Thug Donald Trump for $250 Million, and Honestly, I Wish It Were More
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

New York A.G. Letitia James Is Suing Worthless Thug Donald Trump for $250 Million, and Honestly, I Wish It Were More

Take this goon for all of his coin

We know former President Donald Trump is a degenerate and habitual scammer. Some of his greatest hits include Trump University, his half dozen bankruptcies, refusing to pay workers, buying his own books with campaign funds, cheating his taxes like it’s a religion, getting elected president, inspiring an attempted coup, and absconding to Mar-a-Lago with classified documents. That’s a short, incomplete list, just some of his best work. You can now add getting sued by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James to the list.

On Wednesday, James filed a 220-page civil suit in New York State’s Supreme Court seeking $250 million in damages. The lawsuit names the former Birther in Chief along with three of his children—Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump—as well as the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg. The lawsuit alleges Trump and his co-defendants lied to banks, insurance companies, and the IRS about the value of his properties in order to obtain favorable loans and minimize tax obligations. The three-year investigation claims the Trump Organization made 200 false valuations of its assets from 2011 to 2021.

James—who in a statement said “for too long, powerful, wealthy people in this country have operated as if the rules do not apply to them”—hopes to prohibit the Trumps from running another business in New York again.

She is correct that rich, powerful, often white, often males, galavant across America lawlessly. The proof is in the fact that we all know Donald Trump is a brazen criminal, and he’s never faced the consequences for any of his actions. It’s incredibly unlikely that if Trump does face consequences for the myriad of legal troubles in which he’s embroiled—like this, election interference, or the coup attempt—it’ll probably just be a slap on the wrist. So much for law and order.

I will, however, leave you with one more from The Donald’s greatest hits. This time it’s a quote: “Hillary Clinton's guilty of a very, very serious crime. She should not be allowed to run for president.” Ah, who am I kidding. When has hypocrisy ever meant anything when it comes to this guy?