Are You Ready for a Tyler Perry Spoof Film?
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Are You Ready for a Tyler Perry Spoof Film?

The actor and filmmaker is a target of 'Not Another Church Movie'

Tyler Perry movies are truly gifts that keep on giving—as in, giving Black women in distress, giving Black man in drag, and giving err’body in questionable hair pieces. And now, it looks like another film is going to give all that right back—in parody format.

Earlier today (July 18), Deadline reported that a movie called Not Another Church Movie—a spoof of works from the likes of Perry, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Robert Townsend—has been greenlit. Of those legendary Hollywood figures to whom the film will pay homage, it’s most obviously attached to Perry. After all, the plot focuses on the exploits of a man named [squints] [cleans eyeglasses] Taylor Pherry, who God has appointed to inspire his community via stories he tells of his family and community. (Wonder if any of those tales feature a trigger-happy matriarch with a Southern dialect and penchant for violence…)

The film, which is set for a Spring 2023 release, will star Kevin Daniels, Vivica A. Fox, Mickey Rourke, Kyla Pratt, Lamorne Morris, Tisha Campbell, and Jasmine Guy. It will be directed by James Michael Cummings and Johnny Mack, who also wrote the script.

In many ways, this news feels long overdue. Perry released his first movie more than 17 years ago, and though his flicks definitely resonate with their core fan base, they’ve been joked about by critics and fans alike the entire time. Sure, The Boondocks aired a funny but ill-advised T.P. parody episode in its third season more than a decade ago, but no movie has leaned so heavily into spoofing the man behind Madea until now.

Not Another Church Movie is just the latest to mine organized religion for laughs. September will mark the premiere of Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, a mockumentary that takes aim at churchgoing folks and the extravagance of Black megachurch pastors. That film stars Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown.

As for Not Another Church Movie, the cast won’t have to try too hard for Tyler Perry digs—they’re practically built in. Just make sure you drop some cash when the collection plate goes around. Can we get a hallelujer?