#WhitePeopleFood Is the Hilarious Viral Trend Skewering Bland Cuisine
Photo: Pablo Jeffs Munizaga - Fototrekking

#WhitePeopleFood Is the Hilarious Viral Trend Skewering Bland Cuisine

Chinese internet users are mocking cold, spiceless food on social media and we're not mad about it

If you're still eating unseasoned chicken or, wow, lettuce leaves with cold cuts, Chinese internet users are putting you on watch: They've started mocking bland foods on social media with the unapologetically brutal hashtag #whitepeoplefood.

It's unclear exactly where the trend began, but it's apparently exploding, particularly among online posts from Chinese users living abroad, The Washington Post reports. The Post's article suggests that weak-ass salads, uninspired bread-based meals, and multiple daily cold meals are being equated to "suffering," "self torture," and "what it feels like to be dead." These are strong sentiments, but it's not like we're going to disagree.

As harsh as it sounds, experts say it's good-natured ribbing (don't eat unseasoned ribs, by the way). The Post writes, "Cultural observers in China say the mockery around #WhitePeopleFood is innocent, and that many Chinese people who use the term enjoy living or working in the West."

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Ironically, the article points out that urban professionals in China are increasingly disassociating food from pleasure and adopting more White People Food-type meals like sandwiches and salads because they save time and are easy to prepare. Some even say this type of eating prevents mid-day food comas and can help with weight loss. (If the food is bland enough, you'll probably eat less of it, right?)

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Of course this isn't the first time white people have been taken to task; you only need to go back to the mid 2010s to see some great videos of Brown and Black people trying White People Food. Good times!