Despite *Waves Arms* All of This, Workers Say They're Satisfied With Jobs
Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Despite *Waves Arms* All of This, Workers Say They're Satisfied With Jobs

No one you know is happy at their job, so why does a survey suggest worker satisfaction is at an all-time high?

Even as more experts are getting worried about troubling bank failures in the U.S. and some business leaders are expecting a full-blown financial meltdown, America's bosses are being reassured that their workers are happier than they've ever been at their jobs. Yeah, we were surprised, too.

In the most recent results from an annual survey conducted by the Conference Board, it was revealed this week that worker satisfaction is at an all-time high, with U.S. employees recording the most positive numbers since Conference Board began doing these surveys in 1987.

As CNN Business reports, employees surveyed last year said they were pleased with their pay, benefits, conditions at work, opportunity for career growth, and the kind of flexible work schedules that allow for work-from-home or remote-work options. According to the survey, 62 percent of respondents said they were satisfied overall with their jobs, a jump of 2.1 percent over 2021 and five percent over 2020.

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But…. we hate to call B.S. on what was probably a very laborious (ha, get it?) process of conducting this survey. Have you seen the current job landscape, though? In just the last year, we've seen major companies laying off thousands of workers, especially in the tech industry. Those layoffs are being used as leverage to cut salaries and perks. Companies are rolling back work-from-home and making employees return to the office en masse.

This is not to say the survey wasn't accurate when it was conducted last year. All we're saying is a lot has changed since then. We’d imagine the 2023 satisfaction numbers won't be quite so cheery.