Moving boxes
Photo: Michal Balog / Unsplash

The 7 Most Annoying Things About Moving, Ranked

The frustration of relocation

7. Dealing with movers

For the low, low price of thousands of dollars, you can have someone else break your stuff instead of wrecking it yourself.

6. Dealing with U-Hauls

The only thing worse than paying someone else to take your stuff to another place is paying someone to take stuff to another place your damn self. And until the Cybertruck, there was no uglier vehicle on the road than a U-Haul truck.

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5. The stairs

You never realize how much stuff you own and how heavy it all is until you have to move it up to a third-floor apartment with no elevators.

4. The friendship test

Being asked to help someone move is the ultimate test of a friendship or new relationship. Are they "help me move" material? How do you even ask? Will they be offended if you only pay them in pizza and beer?

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3. Dude, where's my deposit?

You're not a complete slob: You cleaned up your old apartment and filled in all the wall holes. So why aren't you getting your security deposit back? Because that's the way the world works, buddy.

2. Change-of-address B.S.

The U.S. Postal Service raises the cost of postage every year, but it still can't figure out how to get mail to your new place for several months.

1. Boxes

When you're moving, your life becomes about nothing but boxes: finding boxes, filling boxes, taping boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes, getting rid of boxes. You dream in boxes. Someday, for your final move, you just might be buried in a box.