Man driving while holding coffee and looking at his phone
Photo: Don Mason

The 7 Most Annoying Drivers You'll Encounter on the Road, Ranked

It's not your imagination—drivers are getting worse out there

7. Confused in a Corolla 

This person might drive better if they knew where the hell they were going. But judging from their frequent hard stops and their squinting at the street signs, they need better directions.

6. The Non-Merging Ne'er-Do-Well in a Nissan

Merging is supposed to be easy; like a zipper. Left car, then right, then left. This idiot either doesn't let the next rightful merge-person go or lets in three or four other cars do so because they aren't paying attention (see: No. 1). Fall in line! 

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5. Breakdown-Lane Bully in a Buick 

The breakdown lane isn't for passing on the left or jumping ahead in line for an exit on the right. It's for having a safe place to go when you have a flat or an accident. But you'd never know it from these entitled habitual lane oversteppers.

4. Tailgating Trouble in a Chevy Traverse

This driver is so far up your ass you can taste the Chevrolet emblem in the back of your throat. They don't believe in personal space—and they're willing to rear end you to prove it.

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3. Last-Minute Lane Changer in a Lexus

This daredevil is determined not to miss their exit—even though they're four lanes away from it. They cut everyone off, creating stress and terror, just so they won't have to backtrack to the Chili's on the access road.

2. Aggressive A-hole in an Audi

This driver is running 2Fast 2Furious races on the highway that only they know are happening, while honking and flashing their lights at anyone who dares to be in the passing lane in front of them. Seeing them get pulled over is one of life's greatest pleasures.

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1. Super-Distracted in a Dodge Durango 

It doesn't matter if they're texting or scrolling social media, trying to eat a breakfast burrito with both hands while using their knees to steer, or applying makeup in the visor mirror while moving at 80 mph. They're not paying attention to their driving and it shows. The worst part? At one point or another, we've all been this driver. This is not a Tesla ad.