‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Final Season Trailer Shows Wu at the Top—and Fighting to Stay There
Photo: Courtesy of Hulu

‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Final Season Trailer Shows Wu at the Top—and Fighting to Stay There

Relive the hip-hop golden age via the upcoming Hulu series

Since 2019, Wu-Tang: An American Saga has chronicled the life and times of the Wu-Tang Clan’s come up. Viewers of the Hulu series who’ve been tuned in since its premiere have watched a fictionalized account of the crew’s formation, early Staten Island days, and even got a glimpse at the RZA’s long-forgotten Prince Rakeem era. In the third and final season, Wu-Tang is no longer fighting for success, but now fighting to stay at the top. The final chapter begins streaming on Feb. 15.

The third season looks like a lot of fun. In a two-minute trailer, we see exactly how most of The Wu are enjoying the fruits of their labor—fancy cars, lavish mansions, near-gold overdose. But the pressure of creating something as successful as Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) starts to mount, with the RZA trying to stay ahead of contemporary trends and other members starting to grow wearing of his domineering control over Wu’s music and philosophies. Also, it’s worth noting the trailer introduces a new character in Puff Daddy and a Purple Tape sighting.

In a statement via email to Rolling Stone, RZA, who serves as one of the show’s executive producers, explained a little bit of what the third season entails.

“This season deals with various elements of hip-hop culture through the eyes of the Wu-Tang Clan and its surrounding family,” he said. “We explore the music, the fashion, the entrepreneurial elements, and that pioneering spirit that the hip-hop art form generates. We also explore the imagination and inspiration that the music invoked into the youth. We do this all while navigating the complex relationships that success spawns.”

RZA added that the season will focus on individual albums released by the artists, with the recording of Liquid Swords playing a big part in the overall arc. There aren’t a lot of great stories on television celebrating legendary hip-hop acts, so mark your calendars for this one. It’ll be a triumph.

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