5 Reasons Winter Reigns Supreme, Ranked
Photo illustration; source: Dann Tardif/Getty Images

5 Reasons Winter Reigns Supreme, Ranked

Just get with the cozy program, goddamnit

5. Cozy season is undefeated

Thick socks. Turtlenecks. Beanies. Fur-lined everything. The best thing about it being brick outside? You can get every fit off at the same time — and not even stress the extra padding you’ve been building up in quarantine.

4. All excuses are on the table

Too icy to drive. The kid’s got a fever. The pipes froze! It’s late December — no one’s even gonna bother to fact-check enough to realize you don’t even have kids. So consider that obligation (virtual or otherwise) completely optional.

3. You can be the slug nature intended

Too slippery to get your steps in? Gyms are still closed? What a shame. Guess all you can really do is make sure the PlayStation doesn’t feel neglected. You’re a true humanitarian, fam.

2. Food gets back on some caveman shit

When warm weather rolls arounds, everything is salads and lean meats and whole grains. It’s good, but it’s a little… spartan. Once the days get short and the mercury drops, though, it’s time for the meals that get you through hibernation: roasts, stews, chilis, and animals stuffed inside of each other. Fire up that slow cooker and make the house smell like a home!

1. That first morning after a big snow

Everything is quiet. You’ve got boots on, so you can crunch through the fresh blanket on your way to get a cup of coffee. No one’s on the street, and you’ve got at least three hours (okay, 45 minutes) before it all turns to an ocean of gray slush. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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