6 Crimes Trump Won't Be Indicted For (But Totally Should!), Ranked
Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

6 Crimes Trump Won't Be Indicted For (But Totally Should!), Ranked

Payoffs to pornstars is a good gotcha, but these ill deeds were worse

6. Putting Ivanka and Jared in charge of anything

The former president's daughter and her vole-looking husband weren't qualified to run a farmer's market beef jerky stand, much less huge swaths of the federal government with national security clearance. And guess what? They made $640 million at the White House.

5. Setting the stage for Twitter's downfall

Before Elon Musk brought $44 billion to the party of bringing down the social network, Trump helped make Twitter worse with his constant tweeting, which helped further swampify a place that was already getting ugly. He got banned, but it came way too late.

4. Whatever the hell that McDonald's banquet was

Remember that time he invited the Clemson University Tigers to the White House to celebrate their NCAA football championship—but then he served them stacks of Big Macs and McNuggets? We're not lovin' it.

3. Throwing those paper towels in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Trump visited the island and… tossed paper towels as if he were shooting at an imaginary basketball hoop. A moment meant to lighten the mood instead undercut the severity of the tragedy. It wasn't surprising to learn he doesn't have much regard for Puerto Rico anyway.

2. Locking those kids in cages

Some may argue that the immigration crisis image of children in cages should be attached to the Obama presidency, but thanks to Trump's hard line policies and his comments on Mexico, it will always be associated with him instead. Them's the breaks!

1. Lying. All the lying.

If lying is a crime in any way shape or form, there was plenty to choose from just during Trump's presidency. Like 30,573 documented lies (that we know of!) in four years. Just take your pick, there's probably plenty of indictable material in that gigantic list.

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