6 Zoom Activities Least Likely to Get You Fired, Ranked
Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

6 Zoom Activities Least Likely to Get You Fired, Ranked

You reading, Jeffrey Toobin?

6. Online shopping

Would you rather stare at hovering heads haranguing about disappointing quarterly profit margins, or score a discounted Roomba during Prime Day?

5. Playing Spades

Hey, if you can remember that your partner is cutting clubs and which Joker hasn’t played yet, all while updating your colleagues on upcoming work projects, more power to you. John Wall feels us.

4. Playing video games

Just make sure your mic is off while using Twitch. Don’t want to inadvertently leak your company’s Q4 launch schedule to a bunch of teens who are dusting your ass in Fortnite.

3. Cardio (the clothed kind)

Gotta reach that 10,000-step daily goal somehow!

2. Cooking

WFH life tends to plow through personal boundaries, as meetings can drag late into afternoons or evenings. So everyone on your call is just gonna have to tolerate the loud-ass sizzle of a sauteing onion.

1. Disciplining your pet

There’s nothing quite as novel as hearing your co-worker Jan yell at her dog Phil for dry-humping the coffee table again. Who names a dog Phil, anyway?

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