The 7 Most Bats**t Crazy Stunts From ‘The Fast & the Furious’ Franchise, Ranked
Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

The 7 Most Bats**t Crazy Stunts From ‘The Fast & the Furious’ Franchise, Ranked

How has the DMV not revoked every last license?

7. Driving a car onto a moving boat (2 Fast 2 Furious)

2 Fast 2 Furious is when things began to get 2 reckless, as seen in this scene that finds Brian (Paul Walker) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) driving a classic car from the road onto a moving yacht in open water. When you consider the objective—rescuing Eva Mendes—it sounds pretty reasonable.

6. Running across a falling bus (Furious 7)

Aboard an express bus to doom, Brian escapes the overturned vehicle—which happens to be slowly tilting off the edge of a cliff—by sprinting across its long exterior and jumping onto the back of Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) car. Is he ever gon’ fall off? No.

5. Playing tug-of-war with a whole-ass helicopter (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw)

By the time Hobbs & Shaw dropped in 2019, the Fast & Furious franchise had gone full-blown Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main characters were no longer just whip-game wizards—they now possessed attributes that are damn-near superhuman. Exhibit A: Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) goes full Wonder Woman, dodging missiles before one-arm lassoing a helicopter with a chain. We can smell what The Rock is cooking—and it reeks of pure B.S.

4. High-speed chase with a whole-ass tank (Fast & Furious 6)

The Fast cast upped the ante on previous highway chase scenes by adding a damn military tank into the mix—which is made all the more absurd when Dom (Vin Diesel) leaps from a moving car to catch an amnesia-stricken Letty in midair. The only logical takeaway: Defund Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

3. Cars falling from the sky (Furious 7)

Remember when cars were the primary draw of the Fast & Furious series? T’was a simpler time, before characters—and their vehicles—parachuted from thousands of feet up in the sky onto a roadway, all so they could tail their targets. It just presents a yarn ball of questions: Why not land the plane closer to the destination? Or follow them in the plane the whole way? Or… well, anything other than skydiving in a damn automobile?

2. That one time in UAE (Furious 7)

You already know. Toretto and Brian evade fire (and grenades) from Deckard Shaw’s (Jason Statham) M16 by driving a Lykan HyperSport through not one, but two Abu Dhabi skyscrapers—and somehow escape the supercar before plummeting to certain demise. And people wonder why we’re still not living like The Jetsons.

1. A f**king submarine? Really? (The Fate of the Furious)

After taking on machines of land and air, it was only a matter of time before the Fast & Furious crew faced off against weaponry of the deep blue sea. Here, Toretto ducks a heat-seeking missile fired from a submarine, returning it to sender like mail with insufficient postage. Wake me up when Dom’s squad is doing donuts in outer space in Fast & Furious 14.