8 Hangover Cures That May or May Not Work, Ranked
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8 Hangover Cures That May or May Not Work, Ranked

‘I don’t want to open my eyes, just read the rankings to me out loud’

8. Watching “The Hangover” trilogy

Super not recommended!

7. Hydration

Drinking to excess makes you pee more, which leads to dehydration and electrolyte loss. So it follows that drinking lots of water (or Gatorade or Pedialyte) should cure this splitting headache, right? Yes, but it would’ve been a lot better if you’d hydrated before the booze. Womp-womp.

6. Menudo

The tripe soup (not the boy band) is considered an effective hangover cure among my people; unfortunately, there’s not a lot of evidence to back it up. Personally, I think it’s just an excuse to eat menudo in the morning.

5. More alcohol

The hair-of-the-dog method is akin to putting out a raging house fire with a gasoline can, but it does provide temporary relief for an extreme hangover — “temporary” being the functional word here.

4. Strong coffee

This always seems like a good idea until the caffeine hits your brain and you end up with an even worse headache. Don’t forget, coffee is a diuretic, which is kinda counterproductive to the whole hydration thing three entries above.

3. Pill remedies

Blowfish, Morning Recovery, and Cheers are just a few of the ones you can get at the convenience store counter. Or just take some Vitamin B12.

2. Vomiting

If your drinking didn’t cause you to vomit the night prior, this is one sure way to get some of those toxins out of your system. Please not in the car, though.

1. Greasy food

This is why Waffle House is full of bleary-eyed, coffee-chugging lushes every Sunday morning. A greasy plate of sausage, eggs, and super-oily hash browns isn’t just the hangover cure America relies on — it’s tasty as hell.

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