8 Libras Who Are Winning This Year, Ranked
Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

8 Libras Who Are Winning This Year, Ranked

These scales are tipped in favor of Black women!

8. Vladimir Putin

Gotta give a hand to a guy who’s been treating Trump like a ventriloquist dummy all year.

7. Ashanti

Take one look at the former Murder Inc. singer’s Instagram account and tell us she’s not out here flourishing.

6. Will Smith

Sure, the Fresh Prince saw his marital laundry aired out on the internet, but the ordeal also gave us a new 2020 buzzword and easily applicable meme. Plus, Will’s legacy has grown even larger — Joyner Lucas immortalized his filmography in the music video for “Will” (the hip-hop/Hollywood legend also ripped the remix) and Smith tipped the scale in getting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air greenlit for a reboot.

5. Serena Williams

Serena continued to make her case as the most dominant athlete ever, winning a singles title at the ASB Classic and becoming the first player to reach the U.S. Open semifinals in four different decades. Plus, we bet Drake still can’t beat her when she’s playing southpaw.

4. Cardi B

Bardi has answered her call of duty time and time again in 2020. After Covid-19 crash landed in the States, she sounded the alarm with a swiftly memed rant that hit Billboard after being set to a beat. When crowning a song of the summer seemed futile, she and Megan Thee Stallion introduced the only acronym that matters — and got misogynists in their feelings, too.

3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Republicans are obsessed with bashing October’s very own AOC, who stumped for Bernie Sanders while continuing to build her own profile as the hero we need and deserve. The future of the Democratic party is here to stay.

2. Naomi Osaka

We stan a young tennis phenom who backhanded the system by using her platform to champion social justice — and then earned a championship medal in her sport.

1. Kamala Harris

Salute the California senator who’s set to dog walk Mike Pence in the debates and make history as the first Black vice president of the United States. (We’ll let the Timb sneaks slide.)

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